1. Prerequisite: Starter Kit

1. Prerequisite: Starter Kit

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The Starter Kit aims to have a safe implementation and an important visibility of your green initiative. It is a prerequisite to any other order.

The Starter Kit includes:


1. 72 small childproof vials

2. 36 medium childproof vials

3. 24 large childproof vials

4. 72 small caps easy to open

5. 36 medium caps easy to open

6. 24 large caps easy to open

7. The sticker remover

8. A poster of the Green Vial initiative available at your Pharmacy


9. Social media payed for advertising of your green initiative in your area (included)


10. The Participant Patient Form

11. The Cleaning steps for the patient

12. Visual documents for patients

13. Help on how to integrate in your laboratory

14. Question/Answer and Implementation teaching by video to your team

 ***orders may require up to 3 weeks to be ready for shipment***